Do You Grill?

It can be a noun and a verb. Summer seems to be Grill season although I know people who Grill year round. Even in the snow.

I don’t own a grill but when I saw this Grill display I thought it could be a blog post.

If you answer yes, what do you like to grill?

Do you grill?

A Face in the Red Onions

Slicing onions to sauté for rice snd beans supper I looked down snd saw a face in the onions Center. No one in particular. Just a little face. two faces in two slices. Smiling. I felt a little bad chopping them up.

Why, hello there.
A little chopped garlic on the left

Head of Cabbage Two Views

This huge head of cabbage came in the Farm box this week. I used half for a fresh cabbage salad. The other half will be used in a minestrone soup.

Lots of my friends enjoy stuffed cabbage but I’d find that a challenge to make. And although I like Sauerkraut, that’s not on my to do list either.

How do you like your cabbage prepared?