Ready for Their New England Tour, Thanks G!

They’ve the proper hats now, thanks to a dear friend from Boston who is in Columbus this weekend.

The kids are ready to tour New England next summer.  G brought them for my grandchildren from her home in Boston.  There are some red, white and blue Patriots shirts to go with the hats, too.  When in Boston……

The family had just been talking about their next adventure, studying American History while traveling to battlefields, landmarks and historic sites.  This summer it was Williamsburg, Ft. McHenry and Kitty Hawk, Assateague National Park, Chesapeake Bay and General McArthur’s gravesite.

Boston is so rich with history. The books she brought about the Boston Tea Party and the start of the American Revolution will be terrific preparation for their New England tour. Get ready Faneuil Hall, Fenway Park and Old North Church.

Anna, Michael, Jack and Maura sporting their brand new Boston hats.IMG_9932

14 thoughts on “Ready for Their New England Tour, Thanks G!

  1. So cute! When my mom and Aunt Loena came out to Seattle from Michigan, they brought Detroit Tiger caps for everyone and we all wore them to the Mariners game vs. Detroit. Can’t even remember who won, but it was a sweet souvenir of a grand time, and I know your grandkids will treasure their Boston hats long after their visit.

  2. That was so nice of G bringing all the gifts for the grandchildren. They look so cute in their new ball caps.

  3. A trip to look forward !!!!!! After a trip to remember THIS Summer – and it is still Summer today! 😉

  4. Such beautiful children. Somehow the ball caps frame their faces and accentuate their beauty.

  5. They have to see Minuteman National Park, too. It’s next door to us so we are happy to share it with them. Looking forward to it!

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