Homecoming High Heels Study Two

If you’ve been following me since last October, the photos below may seem familiar.

Last year’s homecoming heels post is here

I couldn’t walk in these fancy shoes, I know that.

Probably couldn’t get them on my feet, like Cinderella’s stepsisters couldn’t get that glass slipper on their foot either.

High heels look fashionable and glamorous, uncomfortable.

And, they don’t stay on

very long at all.

12 thoughts on “Homecoming High Heels Study Two

  1. My mother always told me if you want to look pretty you have to suffer. Nothing would make me suffer like that!

  2. It is a sad view to observe. The heels need to be practiced in to endure a long period wearing time. Taller the better I say but for the younger feet, they do need to have a time limit. Some great looking heels though. 😉

  3. Beautiful but not too safe as terrible fall risk, can’t afford that when one gets older…..but fun to look at on other’s feet.

  4. I wore a similar pair to a friend’s wedding a few years ago and made it through the night, even dancing! That’s when I nick-named the shoes 2-hour shoes. I gave them away.

  5. Had a pink pair of stilletos back in the ’60’s when everybody was wearing them. I’m so glad I’m retired from working now and no longer have to wear uncomfortable shoes! Now, at age 65, when my balance is so bad, I KNOW I’d fall flat on my face! Sweet young things, enjoy them while you can!

  6. Women’s shoe styles fascinate me, Ruth. Still don’t know how or why they’re worn, though. Just glad that men’s shoes are a bit more practical. Well, except for the platform craze but, luckily, no photos survived.

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