Warm Ups and Knitting at the Swim Meet Sunday

The day started at the Ohio State University McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion.

I got there close to 6:30 AM Sunday. The younger grandchildren were swimming in the morning and the two older were swimming in the afternoon.

All the rest of the family got home at 8:30 PM!.  I had to head back to Pittsburgh around 1 as snow was predicted and it’s best to drive in daylight.

There were so many swimmers in the pool at once. How they don’t bump into one another is amazing to me.

swim meet warm ups


Another Manos del Uruguay Merino Wool and Silk cowl knit up with horizontal ribbed cowl patternRibbed cowl pattern  from Knitty City.

Thanks Marlene for holding it up while I got an iPhone pic

8 thoughts on “Warm Ups and Knitting at the Swim Meet Sunday

  1. well I just wanted to let you know that in my reader – the swimmer shot looked an art painting – just so cool with the lines and swimmers


  2. I also don’t know how all those swimmers don’t collide with one another. I can’t swim in a straight line… I suppose that’s one (of many) reason(s) why I wasn’t ever a competitive swimmer? 🙂


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