Old School Coffee at My Sister’s in NYC

When I woke up in Mary’s apartment this morning, after an 11 hour sleep, this was the welcoming sight. She was heating milk and making coffee. Last night we took 3 subways to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and saw the tree lighting with the Neopolitan Baroque Creche (stay tuned) Today it’s art and photography excursions but getting fortified first.  A bit grainy on the iPhone shots. IMG_5802.JPG IMG_5804-0.JPG   From a previous post about my sister’s Greenwich Village kitchen. my sister's kitchen NYC

16 thoughts on “Old School Coffee at My Sister’s in NYC

  1. Love the stove percolators! i am so jealous you are in NYC!! We used to zip down there on there bus for shopping weekends (3hrs from Central Ma.) a few weekends a year…Can’t do that from Florida!
    Enjoy your stay! Great photos!

  2. These teeny NYC a kitchens always amaze me. It looks as if she hardly has space for dishes for 20, let alone the space for cooking for 20! 😀

  3. If you are anywhere near Rockefeller Center, could you please take a photo of “The Tree?” After your guest blogger showed the Prep for the tree and the story of how they were going to reattach branches, I’d love to see the results!!!!! I can taste that wonderful coffee …. Mary has a “tiny house” —– all the rage!!! 🙂

  4. Ruth – great photos of Mary’s tiny kitchen – I guess she can stand in one place and do everything at once! Have a ball in The Big Apple!

  5. That is one small space! I hope you have an amazing time in NYC. Is Mary older or younger than you? (Just curious.) 🙂

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