Two months in the photo- almost 39 now

You may remember the Dear Photograph ” post two Februarys ago.
My son Mark took this photo in my
living room where the red (faded to
Rose) couch sits.
My dad is holding him when the couch was in my parents’ living room in Philadelphia in 1976.

They are both so happy on this old photo.

Here is the series of  “Dear Photographs” I experimented with a couple of years ago.


7 thoughts on “Two months in the photo- almost 39 now

  1. Time does fly, especially if you blink too fast. I look at my kids baby photos and wonder where the years went myself. 🙂

  2. How fun and what a lovely memory. My brother bought my mom’s home after she and my dad passed away and all of us spend Christmas there every year. It’s wonderful to have a reunion in a place that has so much meaning for all of us.

    • How lovely to gather together in such a special place and celebrate with all those you love. Creating new memories. Thanks for sharing, Tina.

  3. I forgot all about this series – so much so that when I went to the Feb 2013 blog post, I started to submit a comment – only to do a double-take when I saw my name and image already there! Glad to know I’m still a fan – and so cool to know that I have known you for over two years now! My my, the time does fly…

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