Pure Pittsburgh Skyline 1993- Before All the Signs- Thanks to Groundhog Day Movie Capture

Tonight was the annual viewing of the Harold Ramis’ classic Groundhog Day movie.  If you follow the blog, you know how much my family enjoys this holiday.  (No gifts required)

I noticed in the opening credits how different the 1993 skyline looks.

The updated version will have to be another post.  And I’ll need a helicopter ride to capture the same angle.

A screen shot of my computer screen shows the old skyline as it appeared before all the advertisements.

Just two years ago there was an article written by Bob Bauder about this issue- Skyline-defiling signs targeted by council chief.  “Harris said the signs, including company names and logos, clutter the city skyline and detract from its aesthetic splendor.”

And author Charles Rosenblum’s blog post Under a Bad Sign–  Pittsburgh Architectual Club weighs in on the issue.

Pittsburgh Skyline 1993

7 thoughts on “Pure Pittsburgh Skyline 1993- Before All the Signs- Thanks to Groundhog Day Movie Capture

  1. Nice segway into Pittsburgh’s skyline issue. As for “Groundhog Day,” I’ll be enjoying my annual viewing on . . . Monday, Feb 2nd.! Thanks Ruth.

  2. Little Groundhog in the ground, pop you head up look around. . . Someday I will sing that song for you Ruth E

  3. I imagine city skylines worldwide have changed quite a bit since 1993. I think that is the reason I love watching old movies on TCM. No matter how you cut the cake, or the topic at hand, with time comes change. It will be interesting to see the ‘after’ shots to compare with these once you have posted them, Ruth. 🙂

  4. I would be curious to see the skyline as it looks today, and how the signs impact it. So far Minneapolis is mostly sign-free – and I like the uncluttered, uncommercialized look of it.

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