Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth

Depth. Going deep. Depth of field. Meaurement. Feeling. Distance. Diving- where depth matters.

sycamores on Shady AVe

Sycamores on Shady Ave

PNC Parkdiving

Unknown Diver Needs Deep Water

spilled liquor
Bottle of spilled liquor running down the street on Liberty Avene, Little Italy Dayrs

Penn Ave Corner

back yard

St George Island

OSU swim

Roberto Clemente Bridge

durand cemetery

Forebears in Durand Cemetery, Illinois

three rivers

9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth

  1. In viewing your photos, I always have one eye out for ‘Orple Adventures’ … not to sound morbid, but when I came to your cemetery photo, I thought … compost pile … should I admit that? LOL . I think it is past my bed time. Also, I loved that photo of the spilled drink … who would ever think to snap off that photo? Very original. 🙂


  2. Those are great pictures and great examples of depth. I especially like the one with the spilled liquor, but I don’t know why.


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