Combine Two Objects in the Classroom, But Don’t Show the Classroom

One of the hardest and ongoing lessons is teaching composition and students needing to take multiple shots of a subject.

So often they are satisfied with the first image they shoot.

Today in the Photography classes, I asked the students to choose two objects and combine them in a new and different way to create a more  interesting image.

I showed them the first photo of the two objects i selected as an example-

I shot the first with all the cluttered background of the classroom.   The second one was to be cleaned up- not show the environment. No backpacks, chairs, notebooks, pencils, computers, students.

Here’s the DON’T

dog in a roll of tape

I picked up the student camera from a table

overexposure with the setting

and a student’s finger holding the piece of paper as background to block the clutter is visible,

but the objective is closer to being met.


Roll of tape and a rubber dog.

Trying to encourage them to keep at it and try something different. Try different angles and distance.  Change the light.

Self- portrait in the array of objects collected on disposable wedding cookie tray at the end of the day.



and Man on Time

Man on Time

Will share some of the compostions of the students when they pick their best.

6 thoughts on “Combine Two Objects in the Classroom, But Don’t Show the Classroom

  1. Very interesting – I wish I were in your class. Maybe I’d learn something about taking a good, original picture.

  2. I seem to have the opposite problem; I take PLENTY of shots, but am dissatisfied with them all. Surely there is a happy medium to be found…

    I love the “Man On Time” pic!

    I’m excited to see what your students come up with.

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