Moonlight Commute

Headed to the garage, time for school.

I make tentative choices- try to place my feet

When I unlock the car,  the rear lights show where it’s rough on the

temporary ice rink.

Thaw and melt

makes frozen glass on top of gravel and mud.    I saw the moon.


Down the slick hill to the main road,

I pulled over, waited for cloud cover to move

A couple of grainy cell phone pics,  try to capture the moon, the mood-

then off to work.

9 thoughts on “Moonlight Commute

    • Thanks Cindy. I like your nice comment, Sleepy Hollow. Cindy, I keep “following” you about every time you appear but WP is determined to forget my request lately. Strange.

  1. I agree with Cindy. Those photos are reminiscent of Sleepy Hollow . . . or some other equally spooky tale.

  2. I know that black ice sensation all too well. Glad to read that the slick didn’t get the better of you. Cool moon pics.

Hope writing a comment today is not a major hassle.....I appreciate hearing from you when you have a minute.