Airbrush Artist at Work

For the people at work series.

This is Beth of M and B Designs. On their site it says you can get a design made, ready for pickup in 120 minutes.

She was customizing t-shirt designs for the young dancers in a dance competition at our high school, using the airbrush and it was fascinating to watch her work. She does all sorts of gymnastics, sports and name designs.

I misplaced her card.

Sorry Beth.  Thanks for being part of my “people at work” series.

Beth T Shirt

2 thoughts on “Airbrush Artist at Work

  1. I like this shot of Beth at work – and I have not see the others yet but look forward to them Ruth – and in the trio here, I like the upper right shot the best – funny how this artist has a different feel in each photo. But my favorite is that you gave us all three – 🙂 <3

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