Yinz Irish?


“Yinz Irish?”

from Wikipedia (Yinz is a second-person plural pronoun used mainly in Western Pennsylvania including Pittsburgh, but it is also found throughout the Appalachians.[1)

1. Rehder, John B. (2004). Appalachian folkways. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press. ISBN 978-0-8018-7879-4. OCLC 52886851.


No shortage of green t-shirts for sale.

A few more photos in case the people look for themselves on the blog in Sunday’s post

and  a link to the FB Pittsburgh St. Patrick’s Day Parade Page




A family with stroller headed to watch the parade


A young horsewoman from the Victory Stables


 Gnome at Cottage

A gnome gone Irish at COLLAGE gift shop, dressed for the occasion


Castle Shannon- Green Monster


Not sure if the parasol helped keep her dry!


Pittsburgh Allderdice Marching Band




Phil who promotes Pittsburgh’s Strip District, jumped in to get in photo two

(See photo one below!

My favorite shot of the day)


8 thoughts on “Yinz Irish?

  1. I love all the green and I love that everyone is in the mood to celebrate after a cold winter. And, most important, I am proud to be a yinzer!

    • Thanks for your blog visits and good words Naomi. Your book came in the mail and I hope to make time yo read it soon.

      • Dear Ruth,
        Thanks so much for your support! Apples From Heaven is a quick read, with many of those stories ones that I tell to a live audience. The language and style is different from my novel. I hope you will hear the storyteller’s voice as you read. Happy tales!

Hope writing a comment today is not a major hassle.....I appreciate hearing from you when you have a minute.