Photographing People Photographing People Can Be Boring

but I like this picture.  A lot.  It makes me happy.

A man capturing his family group on the benches at Central Park Zoo. I’d just come out of the Penguins.

To me, he looks like a conductor of an orchestra, feeling joy as he views the image of those whom he loves.

Central Park Zoo

10 thoughts on “Photographing People Photographing People Can Be Boring

  1. It is fun to guess who the people on the bench are- a grandmother in the mix? This is a good place to begin the story.

  2. I quite like taking photos of people taking photos.. I wonder what they are seeing, what they think the photo will come out like – was it planned that way.

  3. I am all about capturing the moment. He captured the family and you captured him capturing the family. Excellent!

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