Reflections at the end of Mother’s Day

How a family grows-

IMG_6591My grandmother and grandfather and my mother held by her grandfather on the right

with  my mother’s grandmother and great-grandmother seated-  Durand Illinois- my mother born in 1912



Marian Van Sickle in the middle with her brothers on either side  John(l) and Robert(r) with parents Judd and Charlotte Van Sickle


IMG_3853My brother David and sister Mary and me in our mother’s arms  Montclair NJ 1952



Me in Germany  1983 with Laura (’83) Mark (’76) and Matthew(’80)


On the left, Laura (and James) expecting first baby and Mark (back right) with his family- Erika, Anna, Michael, John Patrick (Jack) and Maura and my sister in the middle back and Erika with her mother and father and  aunts and cousins and Henry in the


14 thoughts on “Reflections at the end of Mother’s Day

  1. Beautiful photos Ruth. I can see resemblances through the generations. I think it is your brother David that looks a lot like your grandson 🙂

  2. That is a beautiful family and it was so nice they were able to be together for mother’s day!

  3. Great pictures all. What a great and loving group.

    My favorite is Ruth and her three kids; specially Matthew with his devilish grin like he knows something really funny everyone else hasn’t figured out yet. 🙂


  4. Ruthie you are surrounded by love. Seeing your family fills my heart with happiness. I love you all

  5. What a special generational series of photos!! so fortunate not only to have the Names, but photos to make them come alive!!!

  6. Love this post!
    Happy MOTHER’S DAY 😀
    And – thank you for sharing a glimpse of your family history in photos.

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