Birthday Flowers


Pick one

Sing Happy Birthday to You ( to whichever child is holding the stem)

They make a wish


Blow the seeds into the wind.

Dandelions gone to seed

Found on the walk home last Friday night, Columbus Ohio.  iPhone capture. We just looked. They were in a neighbor’s yard.

(AKA dandelions gone to seed)



15 thoughts on “Birthday Flowers

  1. Who said seeds are worthless. I’ve made plenty of wishes on those flowers. Don’t know how many came true.

  2. We used to love to make wishes on dandelion puffers. Looking back, I’m sure the neighbors cringed when we sent all those seeds flying onto their lawns!

  3. We never sang, “Happy Birthday”. The ‘rule’ we followed was that whatever wish we made would only come true if we were able to dislodge all of the seeds with a single breath. That’s a difficult task to achieve!

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