Jeffrey Brunner’s Artwork a Hit at the Shower- Photo by Guest Blogger Toni K

The minute I saw this painting, I knew it would be perfect in the nursery.

My friend and blog follower Toni K. took this photograph Saturday 5-30-15 at the shower.  Thanks for sending it.

Here’s Laura with the Night Forest Elephant and Bird piece I bought at the PERSAD Art for Change 2015 Auction.

Jeffrey Brunner of Hey Beast Studio in Pittsburgh is the artist! He’ll have a booth at the Three Rivers Art Festival next week.


Photograph taken by Toni K at the shower

Laura is sporting the gift of Chewbeads that double as a necklace and a teething ring for baby…..Thanks Marlene!


You can see Maura and my SIL James in the reflection 

(Note to self: photograph art without glass)

And here it the book I bought with the stunning illustrations by Mr. Brunner.

Available at ETSY


One more fun illustration by Jeffrey Brunner


9 thoughts on “Jeffrey Brunner’s Artwork a Hit at the Shower- Photo by Guest Blogger Toni K

  1. I loved this painting the minute I laid eyes on it at the auction. It is exceptionally beautiful. Lucky Charles to be able to look at this everyday.

  2. Thanks for the second photo as it showcases the details. A wonderful gift. The book- I need a new book gift for an August baby .
    Do Laura and James have Mem Fox’s Ten Fingers, Ten Toes?

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