Goats at Work in Pittsburgh

Eating the invasive unwanted plants. Goats in Highland Park near the dog park. Thank you for the heads up, dear friend and blog follower, Tookie!

Layla the Goat Chewing

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Horse Drawn Hearse at Allegheny Cemetery

Driving back from town I went past Allegheny Cemetery. I saw the horses and the white carriage. Their job was finished as the horses were being unhitched and loaded into the open trailer. A horse drawn hearse isn’t a sight you see often in this century.

Reminiscent of Victorian Times

“Incorporated in 1844, the Allegheny Cemetery is the sixth oldest rural cemetery in the United States. It has been expanded over the years and now encompasses 300 acres” Wikipedia

You may have seen Allegheny Cemetery in a movie – It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood or The Cemetery Club
Ellen Burstyn, Danny Aiello, Diane Ladd, Olympia Dukakis (1993)

A listing of notable burials can be found here

Giant Rabbit Art

Rabbit Art in Downtown Pittsburgh.

When Steve came home from work we drove down to 8th and Penn Avenue to see the fifty-foot inflatable rabbit, part of the Intrude Installation . It wasn’t there!

We found the three smaller Rabbits on 7th Avenue. A person protecting the display was able to tell me why the fifty-foot rabbit wasn’t to be found. I discovered they check the wind and so the fifty- foot rabbit had been deflated to keep it safe.

Here are the rabbits I did see. by Australian Artist Amanda Parer

First a Fawn, Today a BEAR !

In my driveway.

Not much going on during these three months of quarantine.  At least it seemed like it.
And then my neighbor Joaquin called and said “There’s a bear in your yard!”


“A bear?”  “Now it’s in your driveway. It’s walking by your front door”  I looked out my window and it was sauntering down the path.

I caught a  quick photo.  Yes, it was a bear.

Did I mention I live in the city?

  Post-GazetteJohn Hayes Article

A Patient St. Bernard

I’d parked and was walking to McWalker Yarns Sunday afternoon to knit. Took a quick snap. Then I turned back to try to get the face of this sweet and patient St Bernard waiting for his or her master.