Hats in the Air- Congrats Class of 2015

A lot of excitement in the air, in addition to the tossed hats.

Looked up mortarboard and yes, it’s named after the bricklayers/plasterer’s tool – the hawk.

I was thinking it was my last official photography gig for the school as I retire this week but then I remembered that Monday night is COMMUNITY DAY.  One more official gig.


On to the future.   You can see the University of Pittsburgh Cathedral of Learning in the distance.  A beautiful day.IMG_0145

Amber selling bouquets for the graduates. She doesn’t really enjoy having her photo taken but was very gracious. Thank you Amber.



4 thoughts on “Hats in the Air- Congrats Class of 2015

  1. I hope they all achieve their dreams. And you too Ruth E. Pittsburgh Public School is losing a gem and I am so happy for you.

  2. My first born just turned 18 & just graduated from HS. I’m still in a bit of denial mode. Is my baby really already an adult?

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