A Bear and My Brother in Hank’s Market, Twisp WA

Went back to my Okanogan album of 2007 and found this photo of my brother shopping in Hank’s Market in Twisp WA.  How about that wildlife?

Happy Flag Day Birthday David.

xxoo love from your sister Ruth

Hank's Market in Twisp WA

11 thoughts on “A Bear and My Brother in Hank’s Market, Twisp WA

  1. I think those animals add something to the market. It certainly isn’t boring. Happy birthday to you brother and happy flag day to everyone else.

  2. I have a friend whose family lives in Twisp. When asked where it was, he’d say “You know where Spokane is?” Yup. “You know where Olympia is?” Yes. “Well, it’s not near either of those.” Just seeing the name of the town reminded me of this and I thought I’d share.

  3. Hi Ruth,
    I recognize this place! When our family was doing a storytelling tour in Central Washington a couple years ago, we stopped in at the grocery store in Twisp. It is locally owned, and the guy and his sons are avid hunters who like to share their trophies!

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