First Cousins Meet for the First Time

Not even 24 hours old. My daughter Laura and her husband James have a new member of the family.

Charles Joseph.  7 pounds 15 ounces.  19 1/2 inches long.

He arrived Thursday night but Anna and Michael were home in bed resting up for the Peppe Meet at Ohio State Swim Club Friday afternoon.

Friday morning, we went to Riverside hospital on the way to the swim meet. It was on the way to OSU.

Anna and Charles

Anna meets baby Charles-


Michael and Charles

Michael gets a turn with Charles on the Boppy


Anna Michael hold and Charles

Anna waits for another turn to hold her new first cousin.


Anna Michael and Charles

Michael, Charles and Anna pose for Grandma


Their Dad Mark ( my son) is now an uncle

Uncle Mark and Charles


and we talked to Uncle Matty and Natalya in Croatia via SKYPE

talking to Croatia



Here are the two Grandmas

Anna took the photo, thanks Anna.two grandmas with Charles

and here is the new little family

new family 1I need a LOVE button to click .

20 thoughts on “First Cousins Meet for the First Time

  1. The family photo is the best ever – congratulations to the parents, and the grandparents, and the uncles and cousins …. and just everybody! Welcome to our world little Charlie.

  2. Lovely! You captured this wonderful event beautifully. Very happ for all of you! Charlie is adorable. Take care.

  3. Ahhhh- pure love in the cousins smiles! Well done- Congratulations to the handsome family.

  4. Congratulations to Laura, James, the cousins and all of the family!! He is a beautiful little boy!!

  5. Baby Charlie is in for a whole lot of FUN!!!! So happy. There’s nothing like the JOY a baby brings. Enjoy every moment of this precious new life.

  6. Ruth may you and all your family be blessed. I can’t wait to see him grow-up through your lens of love.

  7. What a beautiful record of a special event!!! Welcome Charles Joseph …. you’ve come to a WONDERFUL family!!!! LOVE Erica

  8. OMG! I love all these photos! Welcome baby Charlie! There are a lot of happy people that you are safely here!

  9. Oh, Ruth, I’d click a LOVE button too. Congratulations! I’m not sure I realized there was family in Croatia. Isn’t Skype amazing? Are they there for work? We hoped to go there this summer, but our plans have changed, and we have our fingers crossed for next time.

  10. Such a beautiful baby boy!! He will bring so much joy to an already amazing family!! Huge congratulations to everyone!!!! Wonderful news! A June birthday for Charlie!!! He came to a good place!!

  11. These pictures are wonderful. No words needed, the pictures say it all – HAPPINESS and LOVE

  12. CONGRATULATIONS! Born six months before Christmas! Easy one to remember. Tell Laura and James I wish th

  13. Love the Skype photo, and LOVE the first family photo. What a fantastic celebration. I’m so happy for you, and for all of the family!

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