Cousins Watch the Cheerleading Performance

Maura attended a 3 day Cheerleading  camp at Olentangy High School.  She loved it!  She lead two of the cheers for the entire group.

Baby Charles and Aunt Laura came to see the performance.

Jack brought a book to read.  And he shared it with his new baby cousin!

baby reading


Jack would just have soon missed the performance but entertained himself with a book.

jack reading a book on bleachers



Aunt Erika and Cousin Michael  take care of Cousin Charles.







Maura led two cheers for the entire group.





Believe it or not, Charles seemed to like all the cheering and music.




In the parking lot.







12 thoughts on “Cousins Watch the Cheerleading Performance

  1. Maura looks like a natural. It was so nice that she had such an adoring following. That baby is amazingly cute!

  2. Maura looks so happy! Wonderful.

    I can empathize with Jack not wanting to be there – but at least he entertained himself. Good lad.

    Charlie seems like such a great baby! Very easygoing. Awesome.

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