Going Around in Circles- from St. Augustine to Switzerland and France

Guest blog courtesy of my friend Joanne.

Galleries of carousels. Her guest blog exemplifies connection, which was a weekly photo challenge a few weeks ago.

First Carousel  was built in Leavenworth KS in 1927. and is now in St. Augustine Florida

This the Fairy Tale Carousel  in Geneva Switzerland you can watch it moving on youtube, here is a link Joanne sent to me.



The carousel below is in Beaune, France in the Burgundy region

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The carousel gallery is sent from Lausanne Switzerland

Thanks Joanne for sharing your carousel photos.







7 thoughts on “Going Around in Circles- from St. Augustine to Switzerland and France

  1. Wow! Such beautiful photos! Carousels are so much fun, and quite magical! My granddaughter always loves them, but I think they are enjoyed by all ages. Nice selection! The one on youtube from Switzerland is unique!!

  2. They are so beautiful and the memories of riding a carousel put a smile on my face this AM. Thanks guest blogger Joanne and thank you too Ruth E to always starting my morning off in a good way!

  3. Such a worldly blog you have; it’s always fun to see what treasures your connections across the globe share.

    As a child I was scared of carousels; I think it was the painted features on all of the animals; they looked kind of menacing to me.

    As an adult, I have to confess I’m still not a fan of this ride…

  4. All 3 are wonderful. I am drawn to the novel expressions on the cat & cow and from Beaune.

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