The Camel on the Sidewalk Caught My Eye

Columbus OH, downtown at the State Auto courtyard. The giant camel was on the sidewalk. waiting to be positioned.

Guess what they were doing? Yep, you guessed.

Putting up the Nativity scenes for Christmas. It was October 7th. 



  I had to get out of the car for this one


11 thoughts on “The Camel on the Sidewalk Caught My Eye

  1. Great photos Ruth. I saw a protest on Facebook recently calling on a ban to early advertising for Christmas. I can’t see it taking off :-).

  2. NNNNNOOOOOOO!! This is totally ridiculous. And can you even imagine the temptation people will have to do harm to these items over Halloween?!

    • I know it is unreal but I had to get out and document what was happening. They have security the guy told me because I inquired about their vulnerability.

  3. Oh, no! This is so early as to be offensive. Still, at least they had the decency to deliver the Christ Child before this Wiseman arrived.

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