I Found a Knitter in Salzburg

Eighteen pairs of socks to knit for the family for Christmas. Two months to go!

We communicated easily.  A fellow knitter.

I asked if I might photograph her and she agreed. I wish I’d taken more than one shot.

Thank you.  It was so fun to find her, knitting.  I’ll send her a copy.
Salzburg Knitter

5 thoughts on “I Found a Knitter in Salzburg

    • Thank goodness she is the one doing all that knitting in two months time. I might knock out a pair or two in that time frame. She was very happy with her knitting and although there was the language barrier, we “spoke” knitting! thanks for you visit and comment today!

  1. My dear friend Andy just gave JT and I lovely hand knit hats, he knits while watching tv. A hand made gift is always wonderful, wish I was on this lady’s Christmas list!

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