Ohio River Antique Mall Sampling

There is something for everyone. Three floors of all kinds of items.

I don’t need a single thing and yet I enjoy looking.

Instead, I should be signing up for the attic or basement clean-outs offered.

My friend and I were driving back from the yarn store.  I was stocking up for the winter.

We’d seen this colorful place on the way out to Sewickley and made a stop on the way back.

The huge ornament is from Kaufmann’s Department Store Santa Land and the giant cage belonged to Mrs. Kaufmann’s tropical bird (which outlived her)

santa land ornament

Bill the owner told us the story about the bird and the ornament and you can see how this scene caught our eye as we drove by.


kaufmann christmas tree

Too bad I didn’t have this photo for the WPC Ornate-   Kaufmann’s Christmas Tree


valisesYou know these suitcases (valises) each have a story. Not sure where they’ve been.


Barbie dollsYou know the dolls look at me….or in this case, look away from the lens.


bride doll

Not sure if bride dolls are still manufactured but they were popular at one time.


self portrait in antique mirrorSelf portrait.  There were two more floors but we didn’t have time today to explore.

I bought a handkerchief.  Has a little nursery rhyme in the middle.  Another post just for it another day.

So free consultations for Estate Sales, on site and home appraisals, a licensed precious metal dealer,

if you need a cleanout of attic, basement and or garage or need to rent props for a movie or a play

William Cox is the owner.  4331 Ohio River Blvd.   (right near where you turn to go to Bellevue)

If you’re looking for something specific, email him






10 thoughts on “Ohio River Antique Mall Sampling

  1. To do them right, you have to have a few hours to stroll about and look into the stalls not just at the items bordering the aisles. I rarely buy anything. As you say, I should be cleaning out a few closets and the basement before I bring anything else into the house. That doesn’t mean I can’t look around, though. 🙂

  2. This post took me back to the late 70’s when we lived in Germany. In the sixth photo down- the white “bisque” mother holding the baby looks like a Kaiser figurine which would be stamped on the bottom Kaiser West Germany. They were very popular with the Americans in Bavaria.

  3. Ruth, I remember owning handkerchiefs with nursery rhymes! 🙂 I might have been tempted by one of those gorgeous leather valises…

  4. Ruth – I really enjoy your photo blog, and I particularly like the fact that you take photos of scenes that many people – myself included – would just walk by and not even notice. For example, in this collection, I particularly like the photo entitled “staircase.” I like the colors and the combination of horizontal lines and vertical lines. I also like the way you caught the reflection of the homes across the street in the photo of the “Antiques” front window.

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