New York Snapshots- Thanksgiving Family Vacation

man and dogMan and dog in Central Park.

Alice in Wonderland StatueAlice of Wonderland statue


IMG_0655Waiting in line to see the Temple of Dendur at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.



IMG_0685Aunt Mary reading with Maura from her new book about Egypt.


George Washington crossing the DelawareMark photographing the boys as Washington Crosses the Delaware. Although I’ve seen the painting I couldn’t have told you the artist’s name –Emanuel Gottlieb Leutz



PretzelMaura and her pretzel after the museum


IMG_0755Lighting candles where Mark’s paternal grandparents were married in this chapel behind the main altar of

St. Patrick’s Cathedral.Β  I believe the year was 1947.(Bobbie?)

30 Rock at Night

30 Rockefeller Center at Night


American Girl StoreMaura likes the American Girl Store Window



Grand Central STationGrand Central in the background

You have to have a few posed shots, attempting to get everyone with you at the same time. HA!


Transit MuseumMichael watches the trains at the Transit Museum


subwaySubway ride back to Aunt Mary’s station stop.





21 thoughts on “New York Snapshots- Thanksgiving Family Vacation

  1. Wow – what a fun vacation everyone seemed to have. New York is definitely the place to play and learn. Hesh and I spent a quiet day in Philly with Yoni and Aviva. Nice to have alone time with them.

  2. What a wonderful family outing. I loved that amazing sculpture in Central Park, and it looks even better with your children all over it. πŸ™‚ The pretzel is almost as big as Maura! πŸ˜†

    • Thanks Sylvia. I should have shown Jack’s face after having dropped his pretzel on the ground! It was a fun time. My sister lives here so that makes it possible although their mom and dad stayed in a hotel while we camped with the kids. Made for an exciting time!

  3. Love these photos! They are just super special!! What a fun and educational trip!! We had a nice day with the whole family! Thanksgiving is a nice holiday!

  4. Oh how wonderful, all these photos all over NYC!! THE TREE is up and in place at 30 Rock!!!! Guess light-up-night will be sometime this week!!!!
    What fun to have a GREAT-Aunt who lives in NYC!!!! πŸ™‚ XOXOXOXO

  5. I love the standing in line picture. I know Alice is internationally celebrated, but somehow it came as a jolt to find there is a sculpture of her Stateside. She seems so essentially English. And I do mean English, not British,

  6. Proof that there’s so much more to Thanksgiving than a bird. Loved the shots, Ruth, especially the silhouettes in line at the museum.

    • I didn’t mention it but my sister’s new oven (after waiting 8 months for it) did not work on Thanksgiving. No gas. Got out computer and found out how to Cook a Turkey on the Stovetop. My son said it was the best turkey he ever ate, so moist. Carrot, onion, celery on the bottom of the covered roasting pan, an 1 1/2 inch of liquid simmering, oh my. Of course I had purchased the fresh turkey at Ottamanelli’s Butcher Shop on Bleecker St. How about that adventure?

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