Transition 2: Weekly Photo Challenge

Sunday afternoon I was still thinking about how to best illustrate Transition in a single image. The “yarn to knitted hat” photo was well received. What else could I depict to show transition? 

Talking about it with my sister, she suggested the ice cube. 

I was hoping to get a lone droplet falling off but this one is about to drop.   

In my sisters kitchen, New York. 

Photographing ice reminded me of trying to photograph glass so it doesn’t look blah. 
 I like responding to the challenges and seeing how others interpret the same theme. 

6 thoughts on “Transition 2: Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. Very original ideas for “transition.” Now I am going to transition to bed. And soon I’ll transition from orange to red and green! 🙂 XOXOXOXOX

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  3. While looking at the ice droplet, I was thinking about what would happen when it hit the counter. Would it remain a drop or splat all over the place?

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