Oops! Weekly Photo Challenge

Photo disaster? I can fill a post of those with ease 

This morning I said “oops! How am I supposed to drive with an Airedale in my seat? 

The kids let the dogs in my car as I was getting ready to take two grandchildren to Laura’s house across town.  

 Oops  Henry and Josie

Here’s the first shot
And an oops gallery of “best not to be shown” but here they are 

I’m digging for all those carpet and shoe-top shots but this is what I could find easily   Not enough light.  Oops

  Just take the button, not my face.  Oops 

  Blurry  oops
  Finger over lens.  Not Rothko! Oops.

  Tried to capture A painting on tv show that was in my former in-laws living room, too    Oops  Oops.  Why is this mask in my attic?
  Moving in the car and bridge railing. Oops 
Oops. One of those Airdales sampled the baptism cake   
  An inadvertent screenshot  oops 

Oops, someone dropped a bone.

  Oops. Someone left their peel  
Litter.  Oops.

No idea.   Oops.   


11 thoughts on “Oops! Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. That was a wonderful post – makes me feel good that I’m not the only one who’s pictures aren’t always perfect. But, those airdale pictures are amazing!

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  3. I know a few of these gave you a chuckle, Ruth, when you came across them again. The photo of the sleeping infant, however, is quite reminiscent of a Renaissance painting that has faded with age. For my tastes, that one is no mistake. 🙂

  4. Puppies and kids make for some of the best Oops moments! I also love the irony of the “polite” new yorker. 🙂

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