So How Do You Feel About Clowns?

I posted a clown puppet we had as kids while ago.  Today there are two paintings of some different looking clowns. Some cheery, some sad.   I mentioned the fear of clowns- coulrophobia- in that puppet post but am revisiting it today.  Would you like these paintings on your wall?



clown paintingsHere is the puppet photo cause not many of us have time to click links these days.

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 12.04.19 AM.png

22 thoughts on “So How Do You Feel About Clowns?

  1. I have no fear of clowns but I’m not into slapstick and they don’t entertain me. I also feel there is some sadness in them. The artwork is lovely but not on my walls – I’m into happiness.


  2. Those little clown puppets are cute, but no, I don’t like clowns at all Ruth. I don’t fear them and the movie IT by Stephen King was one of my favourites. We travelled with a circus when I was a child and there I learned that clowns are not as funny as they appear to be. So, no thank you. 😆

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      • You’re very welcome Ruth and it is strange how many people don’t really like them.

        Not really. It was a circus that has animals and they weren’t very nice to the animals and the clowns there were nasty beings. I haven’t been to a circus since then and when it comes to circuses that have animals in them, I don’t approve either. I can’t remember much except for those things and of course the clowns with a balloon on their little car that kept bursting. I don’t like balloons either. They do frighten me. LOL!

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      • hahaha! Nope! My boys also haven’t been to a circus ever. One year my mother wanted to take them with to a circus that came to town and I refused. Luckily for them. The circus tent collapsed and the little boy that went with my mom and her friend got hurt very badly and one of the tigers also escaped and killed a man. Not my scene at all. 😀


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