Filling the Claw Machine

Before Thanksgiving vacation, I was looking for the game Scattergories. It was sold out in  two places I’d looked.  (and it wasn’t in this discount store either) It’s still on my list.

When I see a Claw Machine I think of random news reports about small children getting up into them somehow.,

I asked if the Claw Machine was popular which was a dumb question cause there she was refilling it with loads of stuffed animals.  Turns out there is a lot of info about the Claw Machines and the mechanical cranes. Here is an article about The Science Behind the Claw Machine Will Enrage You at Buzzfeed

Then I looked up How to Win at the Claw Machine, not that I want to win any of the stuffed animals but wondered if there was a strategy. click- Win at a Claw Machine 

I’ve not attempted to use one……..yet.

In fact, I didn’t even know there was science or strategy behind it!




3 thoughts on “Filling the Claw Machine

  1. I must admit that I did think, but for a second, that you’d snapped a pic of a toddler in the machine. That said, I never have tried one, Ruth. I always thought they were rigged. The first link did nothing to convince me otherwise. I’ll save my money for the slots.

  2. Come on Ruth E – you have to try it once. I saw a woman win a wad of money in a casino on the last cruise I was on. I wonder how much she had to pay to try.

  3. My grandkids always want to try the one at Dave and Buster’s – I try to convince them to not waste their money. It is tempting!

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