15 thoughts on “Birds or leaves?

  1. Wow – I’ve looked at it a few times. Sometimes I think its birds and sometimes leaves. Crazy

  2. Your daughter has a keen eye for an intriguing photo. All I saw of Columbus, Ohio was the bus depot in the early hours of the morning back in April 2008, changing buses from Buffalo to Toledo on my only trip to the US.

    • A bus depot can be interesting in the wee hours of the morning. Hope you will visit again. I’ll be sure to share your good words with Laura. Thanks Jim.

      • We were going from Niagara Falls to Bryan, Ohio. We started our American odyssey in NYC and finished in Chicago. 10 days to get a taste of your great nation.

      • Aww thanks for your kinds words. Sounds like a wonderful trip. There is so much more to see, too. It’s BIG! Thanks for your blog visits and comments and likes.

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