Camo Cactus

Guest blogger is friend Lisa who captured this shot when she took a walk.

Power in disguise. I should have included this image along with the real Saguaro yesterday so one could compare.

Believe me, when this “cactus” is all closed up and there is not a cherry picker parked alongside,  you’d drive right by a hundred times and not see the bolts or secret door!


There’s a link to photos of disguised cell phone towers

13 thoughts on “Camo Cactus

  1. I love this! I checked our your link and was amazed at the camouflage the builders used for the towers. I hate the look of normal towers, but of course bitch when I don’t have signal. This is a win win IMO!

  2. I had no idea that they were doing this, Ruth. I’m not exactly thrilled but, on the other hand, who wants to look out at cell phone towers? Unless someone can come up with replacement technology, they are a necessary evil. Might as well try to camouflage them a bit.

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