Squirrels Can’t Make a Home in Mine

Sometimes you need to call an expert in their field.

A DIY project, when it comes to wildlife encroaching on your territory, doesn’t work

Living across the street from the park and having beautiful deciduous trees makes it a terrific place for squirrels to live. Great. So long as they stay in the trees!

I am really glad it isn’t bats.


The box gutter had a large hole around the downspout, chewed by a critter(s). When I got home from my midwinter break I heard the scurrying of little paws outside my bedroom window but inside the wooden box gutter. It’s an old house.

Yesterday, I had to call Pete Cappa of Cappa Wildlife Control Services. Within 24 hours he arrived to assess the situation.When we were settling up, he told me about being bitten right down to the bone of his thumb by a squirrel and how much it hurt.

I asked him if I could photograph him for my People at Work series and he graciously agreed. Thanks Pete. And you might notice on his website he does not deal with cats or dogs.

“Specializing in the humane removal of nuisance wildlife!”


He got out this critter in the trap from the back of his truck for the photo. From someone else’s home.

I didn’t want my home to become Grey Gardens.

14 thoughts on “Squirrels Can’t Make a Home in Mine

  1. Had to have wildlife control to come out and try to catch the elusive, Arnie, the armadillo. Unfortunately, never caught Arnie only Opi, the opossum. Those guys earn their money. It is not a DIY thing.

  2. I am a fan of all wildlife, but not when they cross the line into my home. Every winter mice find thier way in. Not many and they stay in the basement. We live trap them and put them in the woodpile out back.

  3. We have had this issue twice. The name of the business that extracted our uninvited guests is “Critter Ridders”

  4. A friend went through the same thing last year. He trapped it and took it a few miles away to a spot in Lincoln Park. That must be why that Park has so many squirrels. 🙂

  5. We have had our fair share of wild animals in our homes – and we have a great guy we go to when we need him. Glad you have found a good resource, too! DEFINITELY not a “DIY” kind of project.

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