Certified Chimney Sweeps Chris and Jim

You remember the squirrel (s) in the box gutters post last week?

I needed to have my chimney inspected and cleaned, too.  I thought there might be a family of squirrels enjoying the shelter of the chimney bricks, even though there was a screen on top of it at one point. Living across the park with a ton of trees makes this neighborhood squirrelandia.

A few years ago we had a squirrel in the fireplace. Somehow Steve trapped it in a cage.  Steve took it down the street in a carrier as he sported a winter parka in July and a couple of oven mitts. Not that the oven mitts would have spared him.

These men, Jim and Chris, certified Chimney Sweeps came today and did a terrific job. I found them through google and read all  positive reviews- Advance Chimney- about “professional job….clean up after themselves…courteous… efficient and certified!”

All true!

Not only can my wood burning fireplace  be used again (safely) BUT there were no squirrels making a home in the chimney. No roast squirrels!

There’s some pointing needed in the bottom of the fireplace. Mortar is old and crumbling but nothing major. They’ll come back and do that work when I get on the schedule. They said it would take about an hour. Cure in 24.

As they were leaving, I asked if they’d consent to be part of my people at work series.

They were gracious to allow me to get my camera and photograph them as they were ready to head out to the next job. Good sports.  Thank you.

Jim and Chris Chimney Sweeps Truck

Jim and Chris Chimney SweepsJim and Chris enjoy their work.

p.s.  I shook hands with them both.  Must have been those 1964 lyrics I remember.

8 thoughts on “Certified Chimney Sweeps Chris and Jim

  1. Great shots Ruth and also great advertisement for them. 😀

    This made me think of my most favourite movie of all time: Mary Poppins and Bert, the chimney sweeper. 😀

    • Aww they were just so nice and left everything tidy. Yes that was my references to the bottom in the p.s. About the 1964 lyrics Chim Chim Chiminey

  2. Being chimney-less, I never think of chimney sweeps unless Mary Poppins is playing. Great that you found guys that would also perform minor repair work. That’s a relief I bet.

  3. JIm and Chris are winners in the “BEST SMILES” department !!!!!! Brought happiness into this wintery gray day!!!!

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