Yarnphoria in Philadelphia

Knitters find yarn stores when they travel. It’s fun to buy souvenir yarn.  Add to the stash. I bought sock yarn dyed after a Monet painting. When I wear them I’ll remember our time in Philadelphia. Of course I have to knit them first.

I bought a size one needle (similar to a toothpick) that is an 8 inch circular and will learn to master making a sock on it after I watch the video a few more times.

You can become creatively inspired in new directions in a new yarn shop.

I was fortunate I had time to knit on this trip.

I walked to Yarnphoria 1016 Pine Street from our hotel. Several times!


  The wooden swift and ball winder, used expertly by Yarnphoria owner, Dona.

Gertie, the rescue dog who helps mind the store, liked my lap.

In fact, I think she likes everyone’s lap.  There’s a sweet pic of her on the store’s FB page.


Fingering, sock, lace weight, worsted, bulky, chunky are all yarn weights.

Colors arrange like an artist’s palette.

Planning a project out of the “American Wildflowers Collection” cotton yarn made in Philadelphia by Made in America Yarns

(Those are Dona’s cool shoes she got on Etsy)

  Rings Around the Collar Pattern. Now that’s a cowl!!!

Proprietor Donna, originally from New York, designs and knits the dresses with gorgeous yarns.

She has great energy to help calculate yardage, do all that knitting math- and I sat and swatched the yarn to get my correct gauge before I left the store. She wound all my yarn for a special project (SPOILER ALERT!)

Not just different weights but all types of fiber content from cotton, bamboo, mohair, silk, merino wool to super luxurious cashmere. You name it.
FB Yarnphoria page

Here’s a review I found online –

“Adorable shop! Fantastic yarn! The owner is amazing and will help you with anything you need. What yarn to use for what time of year, what yarn to use for babies, anything you need. If you’re a beginner or advanced, she is just amazing – and she knits/crochets? castles! And hats! And dresses! She can make anything and wants to help you make anything as well. A perfect location for a perfect shop. Of the 5 yarn stores I’ve been to in my life, this takes the cake by far.”

29 thoughts on “Yarnphoria in Philadelphia

  1. I love yarn, because I wear so many woven fabrics. Someone makes my hats, too! I am sure she gets the yarn from a lovely shop like this.

  2. all those glorious colours! you must have had fun. so far i haven’t learned to knit. but i have family members much older and much younger than me who do. so far i am content to admire the handiwork of others 🙂

    • The learning can be a bit stressful initially but the repetition can be relaxing. Thanks for your visit snd good words. Yes wonderful shades!

  3. I went back twice to immerse myself in the rich colors. Sumptuous. This craft could consume a person- so many possibilities!

  4. Now that is Yarn Heaven for you Ruth. All those gorgeous colours and Gertie is just adorable! Thanks for sharing these stunning shots of your visit there. I truly enjoyed. 😀 ♥

  5. You walking into Yarnophoria must have been similar to a child entering the old FAO Shwarz flagship store on Manhattan for the first time. I’m glad that you got to go there. 🙂

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