10 thoughts on “1961 Jaguar E-Type Roadster at MOMA

  1. This brought back memories of when I used to do a bit of ‘low flying’ myself in the 70’s and early 80’s. I had two E-Types, though not at the same time. Strange thing is that I don’t have one photo of either of them. 😕

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  2. I’m not really into cars, but I wouldn’t mind getting into this one! 🙂 I took notice of the art on the wall Water Heater, 30 gal, for $55. in photo one. That was probably 1961 too!??? I just had to get a new WH – larger capacity but also larger price, like 15X higher!!!! [including installation etc.]

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  3. A point of clarification. MoMA’s E-type is a 1963, despite being featured in the 1961 room. The 61s featured outside bonnat locks, flat floors and straight rear bulkhead while later cars like this one do not. There are as well a number of departures from factory originality – 15″ aftermarket steering wheel with a heavier rim than the 16″ original, radio antenna on the wrong side, plugs in all four overriders where aftermarket Aamco bars were once mounted, etc.

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