#creativesprint day 1

From #Creativesprint

“Whenever you embark on a new journey, it is important to remember that it is the individual steps that get you to your destination. This is why we always start a CreativeSprint the same way.

Day 1

Make something that fits in the palm of your hand, using only materials from your immediate environment.”

Immediate environment? I did not have to leave my bed this morning to make Rudolph the Red Nosed Rodent. The jiggly eyes leftovers from the art room, in a clear ziploc.

Would you believe I had a plastic egg of erasure compound that cleans mats, right on my night table?  (like gummy art erasers)

A ball head pin from my zippered knitting notions case for the nose, a pen made the Swiss  cheese  wedge.

Photographed, tagged, shared. So this is what the #creativesprint challenge is about.

I bet there are lots of mice in the palms of hands but none with a red nose.

5 thoughts on “#creativesprint day 1

  1. Nicely done, Ruth, given you made it in bed. In fact, it’s quite good compared to something I’d make in similar circumstances. What would one make with dog fur and a few down feathers? (Both dog and comforter are shedding.)

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