Consider the Gumball Machine

When’s the last time you saw one?

Monday morning I took Steve’s car to get some new tires before winter sets in. My friend V had told me about a Family owned tire business Laurel Gardens Tire Service Inc.

You wait about an hour while they mount the tires. There’s a TV on, pots of coffee. I knit on some socks. Right near me were some classic gumball and candy vending machines.

If I’ve seen a gumball machine in recent years, I don’t remember. They didn’t register in my brain. Can’t you just hear the sound the machine makes as you twist the knob and the gumball rolls down the metal chute. The flapping metal door?

Did you ever put in a coin, only to have the ball roll onto the floor as it exited the dispenser?

I sat there knitting, wondering who invented them. This type of machine has been around since about 1907.

No, I wasn’t tempted to put a coin in the slot.

Lots of choices. Lots of sun shining today.
Steve went to Goodyear Middle School in Akron Ohio. How about that cool Goodyear tire clock?

Oh yes, the new tires are great!

Note to knitters: Basic Ribbed Socks using Knittinbro Hand Dyed Yarn purchased at McWalker Yarns

Weathered Gallery

Krista Stevens at WordPress challenged bloggers to show the effects of time and the elements in a post – weatheredimg_8034

Okanogan WA

Berlin Germany


New York City Playground



Near Roanoke VA


Berlin Germany


Gainesville FL

snow covered car

Columbus OH

Millvale PA


Pittsburgh PA

Penn Avenue Pittsburgh PA

Children’s Museum Pittsburgh 


Lawrenceville PA

Zagreb Croatia



Near Okanogan WA

Mallott WA

Goose Jam

Freeport Road in Aspinwall.  All traffic stopped.  No young geese splatted on this busy road today.  Goose is such a funny word.

And to make today’s post slightly more interesting check out TheFreeDictionary


1. n. a silly oaf; an oaf. Oh, I’m such a silly goose!
2. tv. to (attempt to) poke something, such as a finger, in someone’s anus. Freddy tried to goose me!
3. n. an attempt to goose someone. (As in sense 2) He tried to give me a goose.
4. tv. to rev up an engine; to press down hard on the accelerator of a car. Why don’t you goose the thing and see how fast it’ll go?
5. n. an act of suddenly pressing down the accelerator of a car. Give it a good goose and see what happens.


Father and Son- Austin Auto Show

In our hotel parking lot – Austin, Texas

Dad’s car. In from Tuscon. 

1957 Chevy -these cars were called gassers -made for drag strips and racing.  (Click Gassers for info)

   Son’s car. In from Fort Worth 
  More hot rods   
  He let me sit at the wheel .  Anne took the photo 

  Putting the cars to bed

Uncle Frank’s (and Aunt Linda’s) “New” Car- 1953 Ford Crestline Victoria V8

It’s registered in her name.  In fact, if I got the story right, Aunt Linda is the one who negotiated and bought this beauty at a car show in Ohio.

What a jewel.  Look at the pristine condition.

1953 Ford Crestline Victoria V8- 1953 was the 50th anniversary of Ford, I read.  “Power steering and power brakes were being added to this line”.

This model is a year younger than me!

I was up in the neighborhood Friday night and I called and asked if they were eating supper.  “Not yet”, said Uncle Frank.

So I went to photograph the car but alas, it’s in the garage as it’s getting to be winter weather here.

And it was suppertime.  I did get a few detail shots inside the garage. A big pot of vegetable soup was shared with me and Steve and as I drove us home, I promptly forgot all the little details about the car and should have written them down.

Thank goodness Linda had a photo . Here is the photo that Aunt Linda took of the new aquisition. She calls the color salmon.

Aunt Linda's Photo of Ford Crestline Vcitoria V8

Aunt Linda had photographed the car another day and was able to  send it to me via her phone right then and there.

Originally posted in 2011.  Uncle Frank with his 1955 Ford Pickup – see the new engine in gallery above



Not Jay Leno yet but here is Uncle Frank with his 1933 Plymouth on a different 2011 blog post that still gets a lot of hits,

Report from Okanogan WA from My Sister- Guest Blog

My sister’s visiting our brother in Okanogan WA and has sent a few pics from her phone. It’s considered “high desert”.

I wish I were with them.

Here are bins of firewood, stacked, ready to burn to keep warm this winter

bins of wood

The other day she sent a pic of these delicious peaches


And when they take the dogs for a walk, they see some old vehiclesIMG_5374

like a car graveyard

abandoned cars