70-200 Lens for Lacrosse Game

I was sitting at the edge of the field in a canvas chair. Michael and Jack play lacrosse in addition to swimming. The 70-200 lens allowed me to cloture their participation while sitting down and relaxing. 

#65 -Michael and #48 – Jack     white team
The black edges on photos are due to my blogging from phone and screen shot of files on Flickr, oh my.  It’s late and just returned from Ohio this afternoon and the computer is downstairs in a bag. 

20 thoughts on “70-200 Lens for Lacrosse Game

  1. wonderful shot s- and the black bars actually made it feel like a news feed or soemthing – ha! and my boys played lax for years, but glad when they settled on other sports – anyhow, like the doggies with the two players shot the most.

  2. Those are great action shots and the boys definitely seemed to have a good time. That’s what its all about. But. . .who won??

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