Unretouched Flowers from an iPhone

Just walking around, admiring other’s gardening efforts. Capturing the colorful blossoms on my phone. Thinking about tackling my unwanted thistle crop. Appreciating the summer flowers tended by neighbors. 

Begonias on Bryant Street 

My neighbor’s Clematis 

Bleeding hearts.  

Clematis from my car window at the Waterfront 

20 thoughts on “Unretouched Flowers from an iPhone

  1. Those are beautiful pictures of beautiful flowers. But, don’t come to Crombie St. for beautiful flowers because I have no flowers. My thumb is not green

    • Thanks Naomi. I’ve been capturing them one at a time as I admire everyone’s efforts and wonder when I’ll get into gardening now that I’m retired? Ha! I do love the colors.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous ….. so uplifting… like and “essential oil!” 🙂 going to leave these up the rest of the day and in the following days!

  3. Beautiful images. I appreciate people who have the patience, tenacity, and skill to grow flowers. They brighten up any place they are planted.

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