A Charm Bracelet Started in the Sixties

Now I’m in my sixties! 

Do you have one of these in a drawer or a jewelry box somewhere? I hardly wear jewelry nowadays.  These were popular when I was in 7, 8th grade- freshman in high school. (1966-67).  Charm bracelet definition and history

Maybe  you’re sporting one of those trendy cable types with the bead charms? Each one a carefully chosen gift by someone who knows you or a gift to self, to commemorate an interest, travel or person in your life. 

Funny, I have a guitar and a grand piano on mine but am not skilled at either. I taught myself on a Sears guitar the summer of 1964 and could strum Michael, Row the Boat Ashore but a charm to signify guitar playing is funny. And I took piano lessons, unsuccessfully.

I’ve seen gold charm bracelets in antique stores for a lot of money. You wonder about the owner and the significance of the charms collected. And a full charm bracelets can make way too much annoying noise, jingling in the theatre. 

Wednesday afternoon, I was out with a couple of friends and admired one’s bracelet with holiday charms, a charm a month bracelet. I told her about mine. She asked me if it still fit! Hmmmm, how much bigger is my wrist now? It has enough links so  yes it still does fit but I didn’t know until I got home, dug it out and tried it on. Ha!

The one charm is a typewriter with a tiny carriage that moves back and forth. Fancied myself a writer? 

I think I remember which friend gifted me the Forget-Me-Not.  There’s an enameled disk from a 1965 field trip to the UN. 

When I came home and found my old charm bracelet and went to photograph it, I mistakenly pulled out a crystal dish I thought would look good under it. The dish towel was a better solution. No reflection.

It’s silver and unpolished. I remember you could have the charms sodered on so they wouldn’t come off. If I were to add a charm for my interests today it would have to be a skein of yarn and knitting needles and places visited would fill it up and then some. Charms for my life now could be so different.

Photographing jewelry is tricky, I forgot.

One aspect I wasn’t really aware of or considering is this- “The wearing of charms may have begun as a form of amulet or talisman to ward off evil spirits or bad luck.[1]”.          

 Of course…….lucky charms! Duh!

Feel free to send a photo of your charm bracelet or a write about a specific charm. Initial pins were the rage in the late sixties, too. 

The dish towel for a backdrop 

…compared to my first thought of using a the crystal dish as a backdrop to photograph the bracelet 

The shadows from the dish looked better than the jewelry.

Plastic charm necklace from the 80’s blogpost you might remember.

28 thoughts on “A Charm Bracelet Started in the Sixties

  1. I am impressed you still have yours. Mine would very much be the same from when I was a child until now. I guess that shows how much I’ve matured (or not). Although I would add a charm for each of my kids.

  2. Yes, I have a charm bracelet with charms on it commemorating my daughter Jennifer’s life and something I think she may have been happy to have on her bracelet. She died in 1986 so I added a charm to the bracelet on her birthday every year for 12 years, ending with a Sweet Sixteen charm. This bracelet is very dear to me.

  3. Oh those 1960s charms! Although mine are of course unique to me, they look very similar to yours in the style in which they were made. Yes, I still have mine, begun about the same year as yours. And it still fits!

  4. “Old school” charm bracelets are fantastic. My mom had/has one – as well as a scarab bracelet. I remember seeing each of these in her jewelry box when I was a child. Fond memories.

  5. Stumbled upon this post, love the typewriter… that is a charm you don’t see in “modern” collections. So detailed, thanks for sharing your stories and photos.

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