Plastic Charm Necklace from the 80’s

Once her mother’s, now in my granddaughter’s room on a shelf along with her mom and dad’s teddy bears and a doll with a purple and white crocheted outfit made by Anna’s great grandmother.  The window light hit the blue skate, highlighting the plastic dangling down.  I was shooting the teddy bears and got distracted with the brightly colored charms. Underneath a music box bunny rabbit Erika had as a baby. Can something from the ’80s be vintage already? I found a listing for Plastic Charm Necklace at the 80’s Museum. Today at work a teacher said she is teaching the children to say TwentyEleven not TwoThousand Eleven for the year.  She asked me how I said 1985? or 1900? Hmmm.

Seemed once we hit two thousand we started saying it differently.  Two Thousand, Two Thousand One, Two Thousand Two……..As I walked down the hall a song came into my head- “In the year 2525….”

Next time I am in NYC I am going to ask my sister if I can photograph hers. It's loaded with charms.

9 thoughts on “Plastic Charm Necklace from the 80’s

  1. Twenty-eleven..those new bracelets remind me of wearing rubber bands on a wrist. Of course, when I lived in Pittsburgh I would say. ” they remind me of wearing gum bands…” but no one ever understands my Pittsburghese.

  2. Erika had so much fun collecting the charms. Wow! Where did the time go? It seems just like yesterday that she was Anna’s age. Erika’s great grandmother Rose Angel crocheted the purple doll outfit. I don’t remember who gave her the rabbit, but I am sure it is noted in her baby book.

  3. My little Jennifer was born in 1982 and died in 1986 but I never remember her interest in plastic charm bracelets. I started a gold charm bracelet for me when she died and for the past 25 years have been adding gold charms periodically. I don’t wear it because I’m afraid I’ll lose it.

  4. So many things to consider!!!!! thanks Ruth.
    Your song “In the Year 2525″ made me think of the poem that begins ….”On the 18th of April in ’75, hardly a man is now alive, that remembers that famous day and year …..” is it Longfellow? The Boston Marathon is on that famous day every year, and in 2525, well, I’ll have to do the math offline. 🙂

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