Inadequate to Capture the Full Beauty and Drama of Nature  

iPhone panoramas.  

Trying to capture the moving clouds, the changing water and rich colors.  St. George Island,  Florida. 

When you stand alone on the beach, look out to the horizon and listen to the rhythmic waves lap and splash, lap and splash you are filled with awe snd reflection. 

The iphone camera (or any camera for that matter) cannot truly capture what you see, hear and feel. 

10 thoughts on “Inadequate to Capture the Full Beauty and Drama of Nature  

  1. You’re right of course, but our photos record our journeys and trigger memories at least! I did one okayish i phone panorama and faked ever since!

  2. Those are amazing pictures Ruth E. I know how you feel about not being able to capture a moment in nature. I first felt that way trying to take pictures of the Grand Canyon.

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