Potholder Loop Wreath 

My daughter Laura sorted the giant bag of colorful potholder loops on the dining room table. I photographed it with the iPhone. 

 We’re in crafty production this week!

Maura brought them with her from Columbus for her visit to Grandma’s house. 

When the potholder is all woven, I slip 4 unsharpened pencils through the loops on all sides.  So much easier to finish up with a crochet hook, a loop at a time. 

 Taking the woven piece off the loom keeps it together instead of it trying to pop off the metal loom as you bind off. 

6 thoughts on “Potholder Loop Wreath 

  1. I still use the ones you sent me. I reach for them with one hand as I open the oven with the other. Writing that sentence gave me pause. Considering the number of burns I inflict upon myself, maybe I should do one thing at a time.

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