Goose Jam

Freeport Road in Aspinwall.  All traffic stopped.  No young geese splatted on this busy road today.  Goose is such a funny word.

And to make today’s post slightly more interesting check out TheFreeDictionary


1. n. a silly oaf; an oaf. Oh, I’m such a silly goose!
2. tv. to (attempt to) poke something, such as a finger, in someone’s anus. Freddy tried to goose me!
3. n. an attempt to goose someone. (As in sense 2) He tried to give me a goose.
4. tv. to rev up an engine; to press down hard on the accelerator of a car. Why don’t you goose the thing and see how fast it’ll go?
5. n. an act of suddenly pressing down the accelerator of a car. Give it a good goose and see what happens.


10 thoughts on “Goose Jam

    • There seem to be more and more of these geese. I guess there are not predators? Thanks for the visit. I’m just across the river to you then.

  1. I brake for geese, and ducks, and deer, and people, and buffalo (in Wyoming). I love this picture!

  2. We had a baby turkey crossing going on in our back yard yesterday. Fortunately there’s no traffic back there. 🙂

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