Twenty Hour Journey

First leg of our journey complete.

Mary and I made it to Okanogan via Seattle and Wenatchee Washington to be with our brother David and his wife Carolee.

It’s a long way from New York City.  We got diverted to Minneapolis for a couple of hours but we were fortunate to make our connections. A little more excitement than we needed.

Here’s the article about  what happened on our way to Seattle.  Alaska Air couldn’t have been nicer to us.

view from David's window

Morning view in Okanogan


Seattle Airport- The Olympic Mountain range in the distance



Orchards from the Bombarier 400Q plane





Ready for the winter, firewood pile


Where we sleep in the Yoga Studio



11 thoughts on “Twenty Hour Journey

  1. Have a wonderful time – I love flying over those mountains. Those pictures brought back memories of when we used to visit Marti.

  2. Always love your photos when you visit Okanogan – David and Carolee!! Morning view: lovely. Woodpile: hilarious! No need for neat stacking s on porches and yards as in the Burgh. Yoga Studio Quarters: Namaste to you and Mary!!!!! 🙂 have a great reunion!!!

  3. It is a beautiful state / area. I know you will have a wonderful time with David and Carolee. Namaste….

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  5. The flight over could have been considerably better but, now that you’re there, I’m sure you’ll have a fantastic time, Ruth. (I’d heard about that flight on the evening news. Unbelievable!)

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