Coppelia Diner in Chelsea 

Coppelia Cuban Diner open 24-7  where chefs dine after work 

14th Street between 7th & 

8th Ave 

Cafe Con Leche

Freshly baked pastries and cheese rolls 

Dos Huevos (over) Cuban Toast   Chimicurri Home Fries 

After breakfast we walked along the Highline where we saw this 

Artist Tony Matelli’s sculpture Sleepwalker Sleepwalker sculpture wakes you up article 

8 thoughts on “Coppelia Diner in Chelsea 

  1. That is quite an array of pictures. I don’t know where to start, but I will say, I love the floor in the diner. That is awesome

  2. How cool is that sleepwalker?!??? Love the High Line! It has expanded since we were there last, planning a visit next year, miss the big apple.

  3. I so enjoy these old diners, Ruth. Sadly, many of ours have closed in recent years and I try to give my business to the few that remain in the area. I know I’d be a regular at the Coppelia. I do love a good Cuban sandwich. 🙂

  4. There was an episode of This American Life where the radio crew spent several days in a 24/7 diner (in Chicago). The place was literally open 24/7/365 that the door didn’t have a lock on it – really!

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