Train Ride to Denali

Mary and I got a cab to the Anchorage Railroad Depot, checked in our tagged bags, drank a delicious coffee and waited to board the glass roofed train to Denali.

img_1320At the start of the train ride there were just nine of us and then 58 joined us at Talkeetna.  It’s now the end of the season that started in May.

We decided to get breakfast after an early start


Mary ordered the reindeer/ egg scrambler skillet.

img_8351Chef Malachi cooked our breakfasts to perfection!  Delicious.



Jerrica tended the bar at the front of the car

Our conductor A.J.   He has to get off the train to manually switch the tracks so we could wait on the side as another train passed, going south.

Matthew our excellent server on the left and Crystal our knowledgeable tour guide.

Both of them made it a fun and memorable adventure. The train ride is about eight hours.  We didn’t knit or nap, didn’t want to miss a single second.

(Good sports to let me photograph them, thanks!)

We saw a pair of Trumpeter Swans who mate for life.


Their young ones were swimming on their own



img_8408After the lunch crowd left the dining car and went back upstairs, I enjoyed a Forest pie with rhubarb, apple, blackberry and strawberries topped with vanilla ice cream. Matt asked if I wanted a lot of whipped cream or a little. 🙂

Everyone was so nice, the scenery so incredible. Andy took a photo of us at the table too,  which was great for the memory book, but unfortunately I did not take his pic.

We highly recommend the train tour.



20 thoughts on “Train Ride to Denali

  1. I can see why u recommend the train tour – looks fabulous – except next time I’d say go with more whopped cream! Kidding!
    But they were good sports to pose – and even though this was not in your work series – it felt like a qualifying work post – almost – and how cool that they still manually switch the tracks !

      • Well i would have left off the ice cream and only had lots of whipped cream – ha!
        And what a cool trip to be on – thanks for sharing this with your readers – 😉

  2. Thanks for sharing your fantastic trip, Ruth! So much fun for you and Mary – a new adventure!! Oh – and I think maybe medium whipped cream!

  3. Railroad Alaska is one of my favorite shows. I can’t wait for pictures of Denali! I would so do the train.

  4. Oh, all this great scenery, food, people and TRUMPETER SWANS!!! Going to look for my EBWhite book!!!! I know your People at Work Series is in Pittsburgh ……. but couln’t you make an exception! Such nice young people working on the train1!!!

  5. These images are amazing! Of course the scenery is gorgeous, and of course you captured it stunningly. I also like that you took photos of the people, too – wonderful to have them as part of your memory.

    (P.S. Glass-roofed train? Briliant!)

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