What is the world’s most recognizable scent?

List of the top twenty most recognizable scents

You know number one?

img_2276Zeke’s Coffee- I just wish you could smell the aroma of these freshly roasted beans.

Yep, it’s coffee!

#1 on the recognizable scent list!

What a lovely hostess gift😀

15 thoughts on “What is the world’s most recognizable scent?

  1. When Melissa was about six years old, I took her to the Carnegie Science Center for the day. One of the exhibits was a smell test. You would lift the top off of an unmarked display and try to guess the scent. We had difficulty identifying many of the aromas, but when we lifted the lid off of one of them, Melissa announced without hesitation and for all to hear, “That’s coffee!!”

  2. I would agree with coffee, Ruth, accept that I’m a former smoker and can smell a cigarette seemingly from yards away. Used to drive me nuts. Not enough to light up, though. Whew!

  3. What a great post …. love the comments, too! They have their own Holiday Rost MMXVI, like Starbucks, only it’s local!!

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