When You See a Flagpole

Did you ever see a flagpole being erected? Me either.

The other day, I saw this truck at the red light-Herron Hill aand Bigelow Boulevard intersection in Pittsburgh. Got thinking what would flagpole services entail?

Installation for one. Make sure it’s stable and straight. And then there’s maintenance. I’ve seen some tall ones. Pretty much ignore that they are there.

Can’t be easy to secure a tall flagpole.  I can tell you I’ve never given flagpoles or how they came to be there,  much thought –

Until I saw the truck.  Got me thinking about flagpoles.



10 thoughts on “When You See a Flagpole

  1. You always have some interesting thoughts, Ruth. You encounter a lot in every day life that you share in creative ways. Keep up the good work!!

  2. I missed my opportunity to see one put into place, Ruth, by just a few years. My high school was situated across from an airport and a plane hit the original pole. The City and airport graciously replaced it with a new, better pole — only it was about 10 feet shorter. My high school had one of the shortest flag poles in all of Detroit. 😀

    • No I was headed downtown to drop the 3 grandkids off after Their visit. Their dad on business drive turn back to Ohio . Missed the pole.

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